Training Program

Valencia Regional Emergency Communications Center’s new hires will be required to go through (100) hours of classroom training and are trained by in-house certified Instructors. After completion, the new hires will be placed out on the Floor for (OJT) on the job training; the new hire will be shadowed with the Instructor for approximately (3) to (6) months. Dispatchers are mandated to attend the NM Law Enforcement Academy in Santa Fe, NM, within their first 12 months of Employment.

During the (100) hours of training dispatchers are required to get certified in:

  • EMD- Emergency Medical Dispatch- this mandate is to answer 911 Medical Calls and give pre-arrival medical instructions. This is a (24) hours course.
  • NCIC – National Crime Information Center – Certification is needed to enter Warrants, Stolen Vehicles, Missing Person, Sex Offender’s etc.
  • NIMS – 100, 200, 700 Homeland Security
  • CIM – Critical Incident Command
  • Fire Dispatch
  • Domestic Violence Training
  • CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Training

A Certified Dispatcher is required to obtain (16) Advanced continuing education units to keep their certification current.

Anyone interested in a career in this exciting field can pick up an application at the VRECC offices or download a copy here: VRECC Job Application (PDF).